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     This company wase stablished in the year 1974 by the founder Mr.  Karshanbhai V. Saparia. After his double graduation at Rajkot his business  career started with Oil Cake Industry, which was his first business venture in  the year 1972. To his vast knowledge this Industry was not taking him to his  full active Potential, as his interest where marketing, accounting & taxation. To  for fill his ambition he searched for our product that would take all his  interest & active Potential into fact that he did not let his previous business  interests sleep or slack. After great time and perspiration he finally stumbled  across a product that would fill all his interest. The product being Lister, Pitter  Bearings which followed by the launch of Asiatic Bearing Co. in the year 1974.

    Following the launch of Asiatic Bearing Co. From the year 1974 to 1980 the business thrived on business from the  far east & OEM which also lead to the exports to European Countries, which took our products into a world wide  Industry. After this time in the year 1982 onwards Mr. Karshanbhai V. Saparia made it his aim to supply the whole of  his parent country (India) not leaving any stone un turned. After his success distributing over his own country he  also started production of Automobile Bearings, Marine Bearings, D.G. Sets Bearings, Compressor Bearings, etc. and  any other Bearings that where required in the year 1985 to increase his success.

       After sawing the seed to start the growth of this plant as a from of a company which matured as  strengthened  to the forming of a tree. The Bearings being the fruit & Mr. Karshanbhai V. Saparia being the trunk  grew & got distributed like a ship sailing goods around the world.

To fulfill his aim Mr. Karshanbhai V. Saparia's basic principle & quote is :-